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Roofing & Exteriors Webinar: Advancing Inspection - Technology for Every Roofing Company

 Advancing Inspection -  Technology for Every Roofing Company

Roofing & Exteriors Webinar: Advancing Inspection - Technology for Every Roofing Company

Did you know that drones could generate valuable rooftop information such as measurements and roof conditions, while also creating a system of record before a boot even touches a rooftop?  There are a multitude of advantages to implementing drone software into your roofing business. One of them being the improvement in roofing project speed.

To learn about all the advantages drone technology presents, register for this upcoming webinar and join speakers Phil Pratt and Robert Hull from DroneBase as they explain the technology, advancements, and benefits of drones in roofing businesses.



Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST

When paired with the right software solution, drones can be a huge value to the business. From generating valuable rooftop information such as measurements and roof conditions to creating a system of record before a boot ever touched the rooftop.  

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • The ways drones help mitigate industry and labor challenges while improving the speed of roofing projects
  • Get the inside scoop on artificial intelligence, and machine learning for rooftop damage assessments, and how they can improve accuracy and velocity
  • Drones open up a new pool of eligible tech savvy sales talent for roofing businesses while reducing risk
  • DroneBase makes it easy to implement drones into your business without skipping a beat or increasing overhead


Phil Pratt, Senior Roofing Executive, DroneBase


Phil Pratt is the Senior Roofing Executive at DroneBase. He has extensive experience working in the drone and advanced inspection industry. Phil has been featured in Roofing Contractor Magazine, Drone Life and has spoken at multiple industry events, trainings, and expos.

Robert Hull, Content Marketing Manager, DroneBase


As the content marketing manager at DroneBase, Robert creates and delivers digital and physical content across target markets (like this webinar!) Working at DroneBase allows Robert to play his part in the global transition to sustainable infrastructure in an industry he loves. He has worked in the drone space for 10 years and across 5 companies, starting in 2012 with DJI, the market leader.

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