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Red Art Technologies Chisels Place as Industry Innovator

Article-Red Art Technologies Chisels Place as Industry Innovator

Informa Markets A live demo by Red Art Technologies shows what the CNC Pro is capable of.
One Utah company has achieved big success with their portable engraving machines, called the CNC Pro. The engravings completed by Red Art’s machine are popular with schools, municipalities, universities, non-profits, theme parks and residential homes.

One Utah company is using Space Age technology to change the engraving game and etching their new spot as innovators in decorative concrete.

Adam Burner, the principal engineer for Red Art Technologies, said the company’s engraving machine, called CNC Pro, is “the world’s first portable CNC.”

Burner said the “CNC” in CNC Pro stands for “computer numerical control.”

Computer numerical control is a process by which machine tools are automized with an attached microcomputer that uses software. According to published reports, the technology first became utilized in the 1940’s and 50’s.

“Its a proven technology, its been out 70 years,” Burner said. “And what we’ve done here is we’ve taken it, we removed the engraving deck, allowing the CNC to be placed directly onto the surface that it’s engraving.”

He said the CNC Pro is a viable alternative to sandblasting.

“We built the CNC to engrave the toughest type of job, which is concrete and granite,” Burner said.

Burner showed off the company’s engraving machine at World of Concrete in Las Vegas and said the technology is old but the application for it is new. He said the machine uses proven and vetted software that has been around for a decade.

“We’ve got folks that buy the machine to add on to their current business and then eventually they start to see how it can become their primary source of income,” Burner said.

He said the largest engraving that the machine has performed was reproduction of the periodic table of elements that was 100 feet long at the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Burner said the engravings completed by Red Art’s machine are popular with schools, municipalities, universities, non-profits, theme parks and residential homes.

According to Burner, the machine has also been used to engrave safety signs into floors at work areas. He said the company has been growing quickly.

According to the company’s website, the CNC Pro links to a lap top and transforms virtually any image to “a precise engraving on any desired surface.”

Today the CNC Pro is in extremely high demand with clients that include Hogle Zoo, Black Rifle Coffee Company and Allman’s Flooring,” Red Art’s website states. “Its revolutionary design, durability, versatility and make it adaptable to any situation.”

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