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Using Technology to Balance High Demand and Staffing Shortages

Video-Using Technology to Balance High Demand and Staffing Shortages

In this installment of our video series, Pool & Spa Professional Bruce Porter discusses the ins and outs of choosing CRMs, why video sales calls are so crucial, and marketing mistakes to avoid.

Bruce Porter is the CEO and founder of SWAT Marketing Solutions. With over 35 years of traditional to digital marketing experience, he has led strategic marketing initiatives for several large corporations specializing in connecting businesses with clients utilizing strategic digital technology. Before forming SWAT, he spent the last 10 years of his career as director of marketing for Hayward Pool Products. He was responsible for the complete marketing ecosystem, building over 3,000 partner websites, increasing traffic by over 300% and turning clicks into leads.

Post-pandemic, Porter says pool and spa pros need to shore up their customer relationship management technology more than ever. 

"Embracing technology to automate your communication to existing clients as well as new clients is no longer a nice to have. It is essential for the success of your sustainment and growth. CRM systems have been around for quite some time and are becoming more popular than ever before. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management—and the systems do just that. CRM technology has been around for many years but was only embraced by large companies due to the need for dedicated resources and program difficulty. As with all technology enhancements, today’s CRM systems are intuitive, easy to use, and affordable."

In our ongoing Influencer video series, Porter also lays out how to create video sales calls and common marketing mistakes. 

Watch the full video for all of Porter's points. 

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