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Brave World of Tech—Where Will We Be in 2025?

Article-Brave World of Tech—Where Will We Be in 2025?

Construction workers looking at an iPad or tablet with one holding a cellphone
Technology is shifting at such a rapid pace, consumers are unable to absorb the transitions. The roofing industry is beginning to see this transformation as well.

Today's American is currently experiencing one of the most exciting periods of technological advancements known to man.

Amid political, racial and cultural upheaval, a quiet movement within technology is rising.

Technology is shifting at such a rapid pace, consumers are unable to absorb the transitions.

We are living in a matrix of technology.

No longer are we able to manage and drive technology on our own. 

Rather, today's technology can compute, qualify and deploy without us.

The roofing industry is beginning to see this transformation as well.

The world has changed, and as consumers, we can enjoy these advancements.

It is time to understand the technology of today, what is still to come and how to transition. 

Let's break down what is happening and where we are heading.

  • In 2015-2018 we saw Big Tech enabling marketers to create personification campaigns that were extremely specific to individuals. User groups of 2-20+ million could easily be narrowed down to 20,000 highly targeted users. Past users who showed intent could be included in their own campaign. Marketing campaigns could be run across 2-10 platforms. It was amazing! Before platforms cracking down in 2018, my team and I drove tens of millions of dollars of revenue for commercial and residential roofing contractors across the nation through these campaigns;
  • Fact-checking rolled out in 2017 and turned out to be the beginning of a visible transition to users assisting with the censorship of content. In many cases, it was needed, and in others, it assisted with the manipulation of search results;
  • Today we see an uprising and shift to platforms enabling something called "decentralization" of users' data. Although this one word warrants a full article series, at its core, it allows users to create their own existence online. As we move from one digital entity to another, our data is tracked and documented by personalized APIs;
  • Although personalized APIs are not yet openly available, each human and bot has an API assigned. I was first introduced to this concept in 2019 and firmly believe in the near future (2022-2025), we will be able to customize the data sharing we deem necessary.

Understanding this brave, exciting new world is something I have spent the past 18 months learning about and preparing for. 

What does life with nodes of information containing our existence look like rather than a server bank? 

How do you market to this new user, who at their core is still your good friend "Kandi" or "Kraig"? 

Identifying your past and new customers will be formed through similar interests and past and present behaviors, thus matching you with prospective connections.

In conclusion, watch for new technology to rise up and quickly sweep across the nation and world. 

In 2020 it was proven users could quickly adapt to change at a rapid rate. 

This is a time to be attentively watching as these advancements become widely recognized. 

Stake your claim, create your personal and roofing company identities and ride the crest of the technology wave. 

The best is truly yet to come!


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