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Time Management Tips & Techniques for Maximum Effectiveness

Article-Time Management Tips & Techniques for Maximum Effectiveness

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The average field leader is behind schedule from day one. How can you catch up? Wally Adamchik can help at this highly interactive session on Monday, June 7 at the World of Concrete.

Each day construction field leaders are called on to do more with less, but nobody tells you how. The average field leader is behind schedule from day one. How can you catch up? Wally Adamchik will explore what drives construction productivity and how to put the best time management practices to work so you can be in control of your day and your job. 

What are your time wasters?

  • Poorly trained labor that makes you do the work?
  • Wrong tools to do the work?
  • Poor information to plan for the work?
  • Poor coordination to execute the work?
  • Poor personal habits?
  • What else?

Being effective and productive on the jobsite requires the right attitude. Too many field leaders fall into some combination these five destructive attitudes:

  1. Time Martyrs: Everybody in the world has the same amount of time: 24 hours, 86,440 seconds every day. If you feel overcommitted or underserved, you’re not prioritizing properly.
  2. Procrastinators: Procrastination is the exact opposite of productivity. On a deeper level, it’s also an ever-present distraction you carry with you when you decide to “deal with it later.”
  3. Underestimators: Things take time, and that’s OK. Playing dumb about that fact does not get you off the hook for managing it maturely! Inefficiency with time creates workaholics are who are blind to the traps they set for themselves and others.
  4. Do-it-alls: Experiencing joy in the present moment is impossible when your mind is already racing to the next thing on the list. No one can “do it all” forever, it’s an unsustainable and dangerous practice.
  5.  Commitment Phobes: Successful people don’t live their days according to their moods; they conduct their mood to suit the plan. Commitment phobes are slaves to their moodiness, which is a recipe for confusion, discontentment, and ultimately, failure to launch.

Take control of your time by separating the tasks you need to accomplish into urgent versus important. Stay out of crises mode and away from trivial and time-wasting work. Focus on preparing and planning to get the work done. For each task there are four possible actions:

  • Do it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Delete it

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, but make sure it’s clear to the person to whom you are delegating what level of authority they have to make decisions and take action. Empowering others is a powerful tool and allows you to learn who you can count on.

Leadership is not something you are born with but something you can learn. To learn more about effectively managing your time and becoming a leader, plan to attend Wally’s seminar at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas on Monday, June 7.

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