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Podcast: Haviland Unfiltered Legends with Legacy Pools & Spa Owner Kelli Carillo

Article-Podcast: Haviland Unfiltered Legends with Legacy Pools & Spa Owner Kelli Carillo

Unfiltered Legends Podcast Episode 3 Kelli Carillo
In Episode 3, John "The Legend" Bokor and John Bereza talk to pool veteran Kelli Carillo.

The Unfiltered Legends Podcast is hosted by John "The Legend" Bokor, director of sales at Haviland, a 30-year pool veteran who teamed up with John Bereza to create some fun and unfiltered podcasts about the people in and around the pool and spa industry.  

In Episode 3, Bokor and Bereza talk to Kelli Carillo, owner of Legacy Pools & Spa since 2017.

Carillo said she hated the industry at first, despite growing up in it.

“My dad’s been doing it for 35 years,” she told the hosts. “My mom did it for about 20 years.

“I hated pools growing up,” she lamented about working in the industry with her parents, who owned a retail store in the Sacramento, California area. 

Carillo went to school for psychology—she worked at a Leslie’s during college—and was employed by a local school district before making a career change. 

Bokor spoke of living in Michigan and how summer is the busiest time of year for a pool professional. 

Living and working in a warmer climate, “It’s a full-time job, especially since COVID hit. It’s like two full-time jobs,” said Carillo, a mom of two. 

Carillo, the president of the Sacramento chapter of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA), believes continued education is important—she takes two weeks off per year for training. 

“I tell my customers that,” Carillo said. “There will be two weeks that I won’t be here because I’m training. I’m trying to make me better to help you.”

“My biggest thing is education,” Bokor added. “You’ve got to learn more. The more I know, the more I can do.”

Carillo also talks about IPSSA membership benefits, ways to advertise your business—Facebook and Craiglist—and the chlorine shortage.

If you are interested in being a part of this podcast, email [email protected].  

To listen to the podcasts, click here or find them on iTunes, Google Podcast, Pandora and Spotify.

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