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Key Contributions to Pool & Spa Professional in 2021

Article-Key Contributions to Pool & Spa Professional in 2021

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A look back at several contributed pieces to our site from pool and spa professionals—from show etiquette to sales and marketing to getting back into the water—in 2021.

Rediscovering the Healing Power of Water

A serious accident served as a reminder of the many benefits of being in the water.

Almost a year ago, Gary Thill suffered the worst injury of his life. And though he didn’t know it at the time, that same injury would bring him back to a place he's always loved­—the water.


The Do’s & Don’ts of Shows and Events

Shows and events of all sizes remain an excellent way to create leads. If executed properly, they present an opportunity to maximize your marketing costs while adding future customers to your database.

Brad Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates shares a comprehensive list of “do’s and don’ts” for best practices at shows and events.


Automating Your Pool, Spa Marketing

Communication is essential to the success of maintaining existing client relationships while keeping your pipeline filled with new leads.

As Bruce Porter writes, every pool builder across the country is either inundated with leads, booked up through the 2022 season with confirmed projects or still has room for more new clients.

There has never been a better time to become more strategic with your inbound and outbound marketing.


3 Steps to Master Pool, Spa Sales

Improving your skills in the world of sales requires mastery in three key areas.

Anne Obarski looks at the three areas she believes are important to mastering sales and will give you a competitive advantage in the pool and spa marketplace. 


Expanding Your Tech Stack

Leveraging technology for your business is something many business owners do with ease. Others struggle with configuring the pieces and get the bare necessities configured. Yet others simply don't even try to use technology.

In this article, Anna Chapman Anderson breaks down some of the critical elements you need to understand before you dive in and build the tech stack for your business.


We also gained tremendous insight from Q&As with experts including Dick Covert and Mike Guertin.

Ask the Pool Expert: Sitdown with Dick Covert

Celebrating the close of a 25-year career serving pool builders, Covert shared his thoughts on the industry's evolution and what it means to be passing the baton.


3 Questions With a Deck Pro

Pool & Spa Professional sat down with decking expert Mike Guertin during this year’s PSP/Deck Expo to get his thoughts on decking best practices, complying with code and how to combat cold weather climates.


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