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Hendrickson Launches Next-Generation Rubber Suspension

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with Navistar to offer innovative suspension for vocational trucks.

Fleet managers should be aware that Hendrickson has partnered with Navistar to offer HAULMAAX® EX as a part of the chassis enhancements of the International HX. “Just like the newly redesigned International HX Series, Hendrickson took a great suspension and made it better,” said Mark Stasell, vice president Vocational Truck Business, Navistar.  “The HAULMAXX EX delivers improved performance and durability, which helped our team design the new HX Series for productivity, durability, and comfort.”

With the updated vehicle’s release, Hendrickson will be launching its next-generation, heavy-duty rubber suspension HAULMAAX EX as the standard rubber suspension, addressing the growing demand for rubber suspensions across all vocational applications. The HAULMAAX EX suspension is optimized to provide increased site rating, expanded capacity ranges, and improved durability.

HAULMAAX EX is designed for vocational applications where durability and performance are essential. This innovative suspension offers an ideal balance of unloaded ride quality and loaded stability. HAULMAAX EX is the lightest weight suspension in its class, allowing the ability to increase the payload of the vehicle. These suspensions provide the versatility needed for trucks and tractors that operate both on- and off-highway. The suspension’s equalizing beam distributes the load equally between both axles in off-road and uneven terrain conditions. The innovative design eliminates fixed center bushing pivot points to reduce wheel hop. When paired with Hendrickson TRAAX RODs, stability is enhanced, and articulation increased for improved on/off-highway operation.
“Customers today expect more out of their vocational suspensions. HAULMAAX EX exceeds expectations by expanding on the capabilities of the current HAULMAAX design. With up to a 70,000-pound site rating for the 46,000-pound capacity suspension. HAULMAAX EX is extremely rugged, supporting the most demanding vocational applications and offering capacities of 40,000 pounds, 46,000 pounds, and now 52,000 pounds,” says Ashley Dudding, director of engineering for Hendrickson. “Hendrickson utilized our industry-leading analysis and validation techniques to ensure HAULMAAX EX would meet these rigorous demands, minimize maintenance requirements, and deliver the lightest weight vocational suspension on the market.”
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