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3 Hidden Deck Fastener Systems for Your Next Build

Article-3 Hidden Deck Fastener Systems for Your Next Build

Andrey Moisseyev/Alamy Stock Photo Assorted screws in plastic box on wooden brown deck
Hidden fasteners allow your client’s wood deck to be an attractive expanse that’s unbroken by unsightly screw heads.

TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Clips

Products: Narrow Gap Universal Hidden Deck Clips, Starter Clips

Features: TurboClip touts that its products were created with one goal in mind: making the deck installation process faster, easier and more efficient. Instead of being individually packaged, the fasteners come in “sticks” of 16 so you aren’t constantly reaching down for another one as you go about your installation. This has led builders, the firm says, to see up to a 60% decrease in installation time. TurboClip made its deck fasteners compatible with all major decking brands like Armadillo, Trex and Fiberon.

TurboClip Universal Hidden Deck Clips are warranted for use with all leading grooved, capped, composite decking products including Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon and similar products when you follow the instructions provided by the decking manufacturer and comply with the TurboClip installation instructions. 

Ipe Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners

Products: Extreme, ExtremeS, ExtremeKD, Standard

The Ipe Clip line of deck fasteners was designed, according to the company, to prolong and enhance the performance of hardwood, PVC and composite decking.  The manufacturer touts that you get deck fastening systems that directly address your specific deck installation needs.

With Ipe Clips, the company says, sorting through pages of tech sheets just to find the right hidden fastener is unnecessary. With the Extreme line of hidden deck fasteners, all you have to do is match your decking and desired gap spacing.

  • Deck fasteners from the Ipe Clip Fastener Co. are made in the U.S. and designed for all decking types. Each deck fastener is crafted from polyethylene with a stainless-steel insert, for maximum mechanical oxidation and UV resistance. The firm also claims its product reduces fastener tilting during installation, improving gap consistency.

Nova ExoDek QuickClip

Natural wood decking is subject to expansion and contraction in the width of the boards as a result of seasonal changes in humidity in your location. Nova designed the ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fastener specifically to allow for this natural swelling and shrinkage in the widths of individual boards after installation. Typical deck boards can swell up to 3/16” in width. The ExoDek QuickClip fastener will compress to absorb this expansion, the manufacturer claims. When the wood later dries out, the hidden fastener spring clip will move the boards back into place, centered, and securely fastened to the joist below.

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