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Your Website's Role in Recruitment

Article-Your Website's Role in Recruitment

Is your website helping or hurting your recruitment efforts?
Is your website helping or hurting your recruiting efforts? 

If you are like most roofing companies, the current labor market has you scrambling to find skilled workers. 

Is your website helping or hurting your recruiting efforts? 

Your Roofing Website as a Recruitment Tool

One common mistake I see roofing companies make is that they view their website only for their customers. However, it can also be a helpful tool in selling yourself to potential team members. 

Most job seekers will visit a website before they apply or during the application process. What you say (and don’t say) about yourself, your team, and your customers will help the applicant make a decision about whether to work for you or not. 

Here’s how to make sure your website is helping you recruit your next team member.

About Page 

An about page is more than telling your company’s story or history; it is a primary place to highlight who you are and why someone should work for you. You should include details about your core values, company culture, leadership structure, and awards you have won. The goal of this page is to set your company apart from the rest of the roofing companies in your area and to get your potential team members to say “Yes, I need to be a part of your team!”

Careers Page

If you are always hiring for certain roles, it makes sense to have a careers page. On this page, you’ll want to mention benefits, company culture, territories you work in, and the jobs you are hiring for. Talk about any training or education programs you provide to the team, as well as any career advancement opportunities. Highlight quotes or videos from existing team members about what it’s like to work for your company. Then make it easy for people to reach out to you about a job opening, whether that is a link to the job listings on your HR software or a special form on your website. 

Team Page

Some roofing companies create a page that lists their team members. Not only is it good for customer experience (by introducing your customer-facing employees before they arrive on the job site), it can also be a good way to highlight team members. Successful team pages can celebrate your team, showcase their hobbies & interests, and link out to causes or organizations they care about.

Use Your Website to Stand Out for the Next Applicant

The biggest recommendation I make for roofing companies looking to recruit is to say something no other company can say. Don’t fill your website with boring language that anyone else says—stuff like “We are a family-owned company that treats you right” or “We offer competitive pay and benefits.” 

Use your website to tell a different story, one that only you can tell. Talk about the nonprofit work that you do, the causes that you care about, or the team members that you have invested in. Showcase the unique projects that you have worked on. Show (don’t just tell) that you are a company that values people and will treat them right. 

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