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‘AI Genie Is Out of the Bottle’ for Construction

Article-‘AI Genie Is Out of the Bottle’ for Construction

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Technology executive René Morkos, with a background in construction engineering and management, says regulations can slow the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, but can’t stop it from advancing.

René Morkos is excited about the future of construction.

Morkos is the CEO and founder of San Francisco-based construction software firm Alice Technologies, and has a doctorate in construction engineering and management from Stanford University, where he studied artificial intelligence applications for the building industries. 

Morkos believes that AI advancement can’t be stopped—it can be regulated and slowed down, but ultimately, the pace of progress will overtake any attempts to hold it back.

Here, Morkos discusses his company’s his excitement over contech’s future and the rapid evolution of AI.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.


What about the concerns that have been raised about the dangers and misuse of AI?

In the construction industry, we hear some people raise concerns about AI’s potential to eliminate jobs. But what is important to remember is that ours is an industry in which the workforce has been shrinking. Some very experienced construction pros are retiring or are getting close to doing so, and we aren’t bringing enough new people into the sector to make up for the losses. If AI can help the construction industry to be more efficient, then we’ll be able to handle more work with a smaller talent pool.

I think what we should be most concerned about is that the genie is out of the bottle. I don’t think any amount of government oversight can stop its eventual march to where it will go. It can slow it down. But I don’t think it can stop it. ​ 

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