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5 Marketing Avenues for Roofers to Pursue in 2022

Article-5 Marketing Avenues for Roofers to Pursue in 2022

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Marketing can be uncertain and at times a risky bet—but these tactics could bring huge rewards.

In 2022 it will be even more difficult than under normal circumstances to determine what marketing tactics will be successful, given that the business world has faced unprecedented upheaval. 

Here at Z3 Digital, we work hard to stay on top of current trends—and we are going to share some of our expertise with you.

Here are five marketing avenues your roofing or solar business should be taking advantage of in 2022.

Organic Digital Marketing
Social media is the obvious place to start with marketing in 2022. 

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are all free to use, and offer significant business tools that will give you insight into which of your posts are the most popular, the times your audience is active on these social sites, and more. 

It can be overwhelming to delve into the analytical side, so outsourcing this is a popular option. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another organic tool that is critical to be utilizing this year. 

You can start simple by researching popular terms for your industry and working them into your social and website copy, but we suggest hiring an expert to fully take advantage of SEO. 

This is the new Yellow Pages and terms such as "roofers near me" or "best roofing company" are what your customers are searching in Google to find you or your competitors. 

Paid Digital Marketing
From Google ads, to hypertargeting campaigns, to ads placed on social media platforms, this method of marketing is not one to miss in 2022.

These ads target very specific audiences and generally have higher conversion rates than more traditional advertising. 

Social media ads on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram in particular are a crazy cheap option right now that your business can harness as a powerful and cost-effective tool. 

Paid digital marketing can benefit your company by getting the information out in a relatively short amount of time, such as right after a hailstorm. 

This is when the competition is intense and every second counts. 

More and more advertising is going digital due to the amount of time every one is in their homes, on their phone or computers.  

Traditional Advertising
While the value for the amount spent will always be less with a broad-base advertising campaign (such as billboards), there is still a way to use this marketing avenue. 

We suggest a more targeted approach within traditional avenues, such as business journals suited to your market, or radio ads placed on podcasts or shows that you KNOW are related to your market or perhaps relate directly to home ownership. 

A billboard is always attention grabbing and there is very little that can compete with this, however are you getting your return on this investment? 

That question can be almost impossible to answer but we suggest companies look into beginning a call tracking system which can help track the performance of traditional advertising.

Media Relations
You would be surprised by the fact that most businesses have a good story or two that local news outlets would be interested in covering. 

This can be a major source of business development.

You just might need an expert in storytelling and media relations to help you contact these news outlets and tell your story in a way that excites them. 

Partnering with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity helps promote your work in helping out those in need and appeals to your potential customers on a different level. 

Free Direct Outreach
Your CRM or payment processing system can be harnessed in another way—email/voicemail campaigns utilizing the data your customers provide. 

Used the right way, these campaigns can be incredibly powerful and have great conversion rates, generating massive amounts of business. 

These can be tricky to set up, pinpoint an audience to target, and set into motion, so hiring experts will get your business the best results but luckily this is one of the simplest options available and most business owners can figure out how to utilize this tool with a little time and elbow grease.

Marketing can be uncertain and at times a risky bet but implementing these five tactics into your marketing plan in 2022 can bring huge rewards with relatively low implementation cost. 

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