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Use This Combination Strategy to Maximize Marketing Efforts

Lev Dolgachov/Alamy Stock Photo Construction team discussing marketing strategies in an office
Combining two popular marketing styles—outbound and inbound—makes the most of your time and effort and ensures you’re getting your construction company’s name out to your target customer base.

To maximize return on investment while extending your brand reach, your contracting company’s marketing approach must contain a mix of both outbound and inbound strategies (sometimes also referred to as take marketing and make marketing).

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing aims to promote your brand, products and services to as many people as possible. Generally, the larger the group you reach, the larger the return on your investment.

Outbound marketing is viewed as a more traditional and aggressive strategy and will usually be more costly than inbound marketing; however, they frequently lead to a more direct customer connection and can make your ROI easier to track.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing aims to meet your audience where they’re at in the buying journey by creating “value-added” content to generate interest while also promoting brand awareness.

The best inbound marketing strategies are not “one-offs.” Instead, there should be a defined path of content that strategically guides prospects down a buying path. Most of the time, prospects from inbound marketing tactics do not convert as rapidly, which may make it more challenging to measure overall ROI.

How can you implement both strategies?

With outbound marketing, stick to one to two strategies that have been historically successful, monitor your budget and prepare to reduce your overall spending. Consider evaluating other channels if effectiveness decreases over a predetermined period of time.

Finding the best inbound methods may take longer, but a tailored approach in the right channel(s) will yield low-cost leads. The following inbound strategies have proven to be profitable for many clients:

  • Content marketing
  • Short video promotions
  • Interactive website content
  • Increased use of mobile campaigns
  • Modern referral programs
  • Specific social media initiatives

Not every one of these will prove to be effective or efficient, but by testing each with a small amount of marketing dollars, you will find the ideal fit for your company and improve your overall efficiency.

Brad Yoho is vice president at Dave Yoho Associates, the oldest and largest consulting firm operating in the home improvement, remodeling and home services industries. Learn more about their consulting services, training seminars and educational products by contacting them at 703.591.2490 or [email protected].

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