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Two Innovations Designed to Make Overhead Work Safer

Hilti Hilti Exoskeleton.jpg
At this year’s World of Concrete, Hilti demonstrated two new products—the EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton and the Jaibot drilling robot—designed to help reduce the burden of overhead work.

Over the past year, Hilti has launched two unique products—the EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton and the Jaibot drilling robot—that aim to increase worker health and safety on the jobsite while reducing labor burdens. Both zero-in on overhead installations.

Jaibot Drilling Robot

The Jaibot is a cordless, BIM-enabled construction robot that can perform overhead work for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishing work. The semi-automated system can help relieve some of the labor shortage while removing some of the riskier overhead installation work.

Jaibot also can help speed installation and accuracy by working with information uploaded from Autocad or Revit then drilling holes according to the digital drilling plan.

Jaibot can operate for up to eight hours on a single charge. It has a built-in dust removal system.

See the Jaibot in action:


EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton

Designed for crew working most of their days overhead, Hilti’s passive exoskeleton wears like a backpack to relieve strain on the shoulders and arms and delay muscle fatigue.

The device weighs just 4.4 pounds and provides support while still allowing full freedom of movement. It has no motor, so it requires no batteries or charging.

Learn more about the EXO-01 from those who have tried it:

Visit for more details.

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