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Stego Launches Vapor Barrier Screeding Tools

Video-Stego Launches Vapor Barrier Screeding Tools

The revolutionary technology of Stego Industries' Beast Concrete Accessories saves concrete contractors time and money while wet-screeding.

Beast Concrete Accessories gives concrete contractors vapor barrier safe tools that will improve floor efficiency and better overall FL numbers in their wet-screeding work.  The technology was developed by Stego Industries, LLC, the construction industry leader in below-slab moisture vapor protection.

Beast Screed is a fixed-elevation, point-to-point guide screed system that allows you to maintain floor levelness during the screeding operation. Set it and forget it. This eliminates the need to frequently re-establish grade to ensure floor elevation has not changed during the screeding operation as is typical with traditional wet-screed methods.

Beast Hook is a 2x4 screed hook used for concrete screeding operations while using 2x4 screed rails. Designed with an easy grip large diameter, quick-twist handle for lightning-fast adjustment in the field, even when wearing concrete globes. No more rusty threads, no more labor intensive difficult-to-use, old-fashioned screed hooks. Beast Hook’s internal, concealed coil threads stay clean in harsh concrete environments. Engineered to be re-used for maximum value.

Beast Deck Foot is designed to be used on elevated deck pours, as a substitute for Beast Foot. Beast Deck Foot provides contractors with a visual, fixed indicator to determine proper concrete depth while placing concrete, and overall efficiency over wet-screeding for the placement crew.

Beast Form Stake takes the place of old-style screed pad posts for interior forming applications, using SpeedTrack™ Fastening Grooves for unlimited fastener placement. Beast Form Stake, used with Beast Food, is part of the Stego vapor barrier-safe forming system which meets the stringent installation standards of ASMT E1643.

Learn more about Beast Concrete Accessories.

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