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Skudo Introduces HT Commercial System

Article-Skudo Introduces HT Commercial System

Skudo WIC360 skudo Polished Concrete Luncheon Photo Nov 25 12 11 43 PM.jpg
The Skudo HT (Heavy Traffic) Commercial System is a fully adhered, breathable, temporary surface protection solution ideal for commercial projects.

The HT Commercial System is the company’s most durable protection, withstanding machinery, shoring and tough environments. The HT Commercial System consists of a flexible, peelable Concrete Base Coat and Skudo HT (Heavy Traffic) Mat. This system temporarily bonds to the surface, blocking debris, materials, and spills from damaging the protected surface. Skudo HT provides a slip resistant, seamless, and stationary work surface, great for placing construction marks and layouts without staining the surface.

Once the project is completed, the HT Commercial System is peeled up, revealing a clean and damage-free surface.

 Uses & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty, durable protection ideal for Concrete and Terrazzo
  • Class 1 Fire/Flame retardant according to ASTM E 648 and NFPA 253 standards.
  • Antibacterial/Antifungal: Test-verified protection against bacteria and molds that cause infection. (ISO-20743)
  • Areas can be polished and protected before interior walls are erected. Framing can be also placed over the top of the Commercial System, which then can be left in place underneath
  • Works as a blank canvas for all types of construction marks and layouts - won’t stain or damage surface  
  • Superior spill, stain, and water resistance (proven against flooding)
  • Resistance to UV, rust, impact, and welding splatter
  • Safer working surface by providing high slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Cleans surface upon peel up removal
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