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Roofing Industry Hiring Done Differently

Video-Roofing Industry Hiring Done Differently

The IRE Community Map, created by the International Roofing Expo and Work For Your World is a 'discovery platform' for young talent to learn about the roofing and exteriors industry, according to WFYW CEO Robert Drblik.

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) partnered with Work For Your World to offer the IRE Community Map, a new visual way for workers to discover and learn about the roofing industry, companies and job opportunities near them.

Recently, new, useful features such as the ability to display companies on the map by job function, company category and company name, were added. Paid company profiles enable job candidates to contact the company directly via email, phone call or career/jobs page. 

"This is a very complex issue. So, when we talk about talent shortage, we are talking about talent within the industry, but also about talent outside of industry," Robert Drblik, founder and CEO of said during an exclusive interview with Roofing & Exteriors

The recently launched app is "more built for young talent to discover and learn about the industry as a whole," according to Drblik, noting that it's "approaching hiring in a different way."

"For instance, if I live in New Jersey, I can, with one click," see "the companies around me," he said. "And then with one more click, I see who are they. 

"We call employer branding," Drblik continued. "And I think in other industries who have an employer branding, they're using it very much as a tool to present themselves to the audience. But I haven't seen it so much in roofing and I think it's time also for the roofing industry for the roofing employers to present their missions, their teams.

There are currently more than 1,400 company profiles on the map including U.S. and international roofing contractors.

Drblik reported positive feedback on the app, including being told it is a "super innovative approach for hiring to give these companies basically the visibility they don't have today."

The IRE Community Map is now live on Roofing & Exteriors and the IRE homepage.

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