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Mule-Hide Products Debuts 4 Underlayments

Mule-Hide Products Mule-Hide Products
Underlayments are for use in metal and tile roofing systems

Four new roofing underlayments from Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. are designed to take the heat. 

Shur-Gard MU Force HT and Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT are for use in metal roofing systems. Shur- Gard TU Force HT and Shur-Gard TU Ultra HT are for use in steep-slope adhesive-bonded and mechanically attached concrete and clay tile roofing systems. 

All four of the self-adhering, SBS polymer-modified underlayments are designed for use in high-temperature applications. They also enhance crew efficiency and safety with their slip-resistant surfaces, wide installation windows, easy installation and ability to withstand exposure to ultraviolet light. 

Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT can be used in applications in which maximum temperatures reach up to 250°. The others are temperature-resistant to 265°. 

All four underlayments have “textured” slip-resistant surfaces, making crew members feel safer and more secure while walking on the surface. 

A broad temperature range for installation helps keep jobs on schedule. All four underlayments can be installed when material interface temperatures are 40° and rising. 

Wide-open windows for ultraviolet light exposure—120 days for Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT and 180 days for the others—mean a longer dry-in time and greater protection from temporary exposure to the elements, giving crews maximum flexibility in completing a job. 

The underlayments also are designed for quick, hassle-free installation. The adhesive is protected by an easily removed, factory-applied split-release film. A 3-inch adhesive selvedge edge improves overlap bonding. The underlayments are packaged in 2-square roll sizes for easy handling and true coverage. 

Contractors and property managers can choose between reinforced and non-reinforced options based on their preferences and specific job requirements. Shur-Gard MU Force HT and Shur-Gard TU Force HT are reinforced with a flexible fiberglass mat for exceptional tensile strength and thermal stability and easy conformation to valleys, corners and angles. Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT and Shur-Gard TU Ultra HT are non-reinforced and can also be used as flashing membranes to protect leak-prone areas, such as valleys, roof-to-wall transitions, and around vents and skylights. 

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