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Lighting Options Increase Useability, Ambience for Backyard Decks

Gallery-Lighting Options Increase Useability, Ambience for Backyard Decks

With a broadening array of lighting styles, profiles and technologies, it’s easier than ever for contractors to extend the livability and security of their clients’ decking spaces.

It’s no secret that the pandemic was a boom for outdoor living, as homeowners sought to make the most of their spaces while expanding their livable footprint. Within that mission to create a feeling of a safe and cozy gathering space, deck lighting has continued to increase in importance.

Rather than being an afterthought, pros and consumers alike are incorporating deck lighting thoughtfully to enhance security and ambience and, most importantly, to extend the usability of their decks into the evening as well as into the colder, darker months. The variety of options available continues to increase—from subtle step lights and sleek post lights to decorative post caps, baluster lights and sconces—allowing designers to enhance the space with an eye toward both functionality and aesthetics. Many decking manufacturers now offer built-in lighting options to make the process even easier.

Along with the variety of lighting types, technology is further enhancing the experience. Advancing solar capabilities and battery options are increasing efficiency while streamlining appearance. Some deck lighting also can work with smart home systems like Alexa and Google Home, making it easy for homeowners to operate their systems from anywhere. This may include changing lighting schemes to meet the needs of the evening, powering lights on and off while on vacation and even synchronizing with other devices in the home.

With so many options across a range of price points and styles, it’s easier than ever to enhance the function and aesthetics of your customers’ backyard deck.

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