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Key Trends in Construction Equipment Electrification from Vanguard® Engine Experts

In this edition of the WOC360 Innovation Spotlight podcast, experts from Briggs and Stratton discuss how recent innovations in lithium-ion technology can benefit equipment manufacturers when electrifying their products.

In this session of WOC360's Innovation Spotlight, Dave Schulenberg, director of product development, and Stephen Avery, battery application engineer, from Briggs and Stratton® discuss how recent innovations in Lithium-Ion technology can benefit equipment manufacturers when electrifying their products.

Schulenberg and Avery note the technological advancements trickling down from the automotive industry are having a huge impact on how the construction industry is moving toward the adoption of Lithium-Ion battery powered systems. One of the most notable developments is in cell development. The newer cells being introduced are creating greater capacity and power, which allows for a broader range of applications that may have previously been excluded from Lithium-Ion power.

Additionally, the Vanguard experts are seeing huge advancements in charging infrastructure. Driven by demand in the automotive space, the improvements in charging infrastructure are enabling Lithium-Ion batteries to power bigger and larger equipment than ever before, including ride-on and autonomous vehicles.

The podcast episode also helps address many common concerns OEMs may have when considering the electrification of their equipment. Schulenberg and Avery touch on the following topics throughout the 25-minute conversation:

  • Power source safety and how safety and durability are enhanced with the use of smart battery management systems.
  • How Lithium-Ion technology can power equipment while living up to the heavy-duty, tough demands of a jobsite.
  • Helping OEM partners rethink the typical questions around power applications. Instead of asking “How long will my piece of equipment run?”, Vanguard encourages OEMs to think through “What’s the real power utilization of the application and how long does that piece of equipment really run for in a day?”
  • The advantages batteries have over petrol when it comes to idle times. With a fuel-powered machine, you still burn your power source when idling. With a battery, that’s not typically the case.
  • Weighing peak power vs. continuous power – batteries are able to, for a short amount of time, provide a tremendous amount of peak power for the amount of continuous power needed for an application.
  • How Vanguard’s diagnostic tools can adapt to an OEM’s control systems, including error code language, ultimately, helping them bring a product to market faster.

     Want more information about how Lithium-Ion power can be a gamechanger for you? Visit the Vanguard website.

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