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How Pool and Spa Pros Can Make Waves on TikTok

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The short-video social media site has overtaken Facebook, YouTube, and Google in key categories. Here are three of the most popular pool and spa pros on TikTok—and what you can learn from them for your own TikTok takeover.

Pool and spa professionals looking to up their social media game need look no further than an app their kids and grandkids are probably already using—TikTok. With breakneck speed, the short-video social media site has surpassed all the giants to become the most popular place for people to spend their online social time—and connect with brands.

Consider these impressive facts:

If that weren’t enough, TikTok is reaching the younger demographic so many pros covet—62% of its audience falls into the 10- to 29-year-old age group. So, clearly, if you want to be reaching a social media audience, TikTok can no longer be ignored. Fortunately, a number of pool and spa pros have already blazed a path to show how to take over TikTok.

Here’s a look at three of the most popular pool and spa TikTok users—and what they’re doing that works.

  1. Thep00lguy. With more than 12 million followers, thep00lguy may be the most popular pool and spa pro on TikTok. But there’s nothing magic about the videos he posts. His most popular, with 20.5 million views, shows him first-person-shooter-style tackling a set of algae-infested pool stairs. The viewer watches as our pro applies his chemicals and brushes as the stairs turn from green to blue. Watching the video is oddly relaxing, and as one viewer commented, “Does anyone hear ‘ahhh’?” Thep00lguy demonstrates that just showing yourself doing your job is enough to entice TikTok viewers.
  2. Jrpoolplastering. This Texas-based pool and spa pro boasts 1.4 million followers. This user’s posts are more elaborate than thep00lguy with music and text augmenting the images, much like many other TikTok-style videos. The most popular post, with 1.5 million views, features a drone shot of gunite work on what’s titled the “Most Expensive Pool Part 3 Gunite Done.” Set to the music of Cardi B, with a robotic-sounding voice over of the text, the post shows a drone’s eye view of the gunite work completed. Many viewers asked to be tagged when the project is finished.
  3. Poolpromj. Based in New Orleans, poolpromj takes a more educational approach with his 2.2 million followers. He uses simple voice-over on his videos to explain the steps to cleaning pools and spas. The most popular post, “Fresh Water Start Up,” shows him tackling an algae-infested outdoor pool from start to finish. While the 27.8 million viewers of this post are interested in the basics of start-up, they also seem to be taken with what’s found in the process: Adorable baby turtles. The turtles get a starring role and are saved in the process of transforming the pool from a green sludge to a blue oasis.  

If you’re starting from scratch on TikTok, there’s plenty of guidance for how to set yourself up for success, including these tips from small business owners themselves. Like all social media sites, there are multiple ways to juice engagement on TikTok including advertising. But the most popular pool and spa pros on TikTok clearly demonstrate what experts say—TikTok users are most interested in authentic content with some personality and humanity.

Overall, the good news for pool and spa pros is that there are still relatively few TikTok influencers in the pool and spa space. That’s especially true in the hot tub category. So, it’s time to start practicing those video skills and get ready to take over TikTok!





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