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Honda Makes Noise with Launch of New 'Super-Quiet' Generator

American Honda Motor Co. Honda EU3200i
This newest model will operate at a level between 54 and 58 decibels, which is roughly the ambient noise level of normal conversation. Introducing the Honda EU3200i, the next generation of Honda's lineup of quiet generators.

A new generator from the American Honda Motor Company is quietly making a big impact on the company's line of super-quiet generator models. 

The Honda EU3200i is being launched this summer by the company as the next generation of the Honda Super Quiet EU Series lineup. The newest model will operate at a level between 54 and 58 decibels, which is roughly the ambient noise level of normal conversation.

“Honda designed the all-new EU3200i to provide outdoor enthusiasts, who depend on portable generator power, what they want when it comes to the right power source,” said Kevin Mills, Assistant Vice President, Sales Operations, Honda Power Sports & Products.

Millis said the company listened to their customers who said they wanted more powerful output, portability, simplified operation, longer runtimes, dependability and overall quality

“Honda has incorporated the most advanced technologies of our portable generators into the popular 3,000-watt class, all while delivering high power and a space-saving design," Millis said. "The new EU3200i is a game-changer for the ultimate outdoor experience.”

Increased fuel efficiency 

The EU3200i has a 1.2 gallon fuel tank and offers increased fuel efficiency with a Honda Eco Throttle and can operate for over 3 hours at rated load, and for as long as 8 hours at a quarter load.

High-output GX130 engine

The Honda GX130 engine is described as "the power behind the EU3200i," which has eliminated the need for a choke, requiring only a flip of a switch and a pull on the recoil rope to start.

The GX130 engine is fuel-injected, which the company said has eliminated the need to clean and change the carburetor jetting for better performance at high elevations, "making maintenance and operation simpler and easier."

Pricing and other perks

The generator is running with a suggested retail price of just under $3,000 and comes with a three-year residential and commercial warranty. 

The generator weighs less than 60 pounds and has the smallest footprint of any model in the Honda 3000-watt generator class. The EU3200i can provide 3,200 watts of power and the machine's muffler and spark arrestor are both certified under guidelines for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture for "quiet, spark-free operation on public lands."

The Honda EU3200i also features an advanced carbon monoxide detection system and remote smartphone controls.

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