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GeoMax Updates Robotic Total Stations

Article-GeoMax Updates Robotic Total Stations

WOC360 - GeoMax 7-19-21.png
GeoMax just announced two new robotic total stations! Zoom75 and Zoom95.

GeoMax has announced the upcoming release of the new GeoMax robotic total stations, the Zoom75 and Zoom95. With the both the Zoom75 and Zoom95 total stations, X-PAD Ultimate and the field controllers, GeoMax provides an outstanding solution for all work in the field and beyond. The software and the TPS are carefully chosen and developed to enable a carefree and efficient workflow. The solution is an efficiency boost because it facilitates data handling in every step of the workflow. Thanks to the big screen and the high performing processor of the TPS, the customer can choose between working on the instrument or with the field controller. Both guarantee fast and convenient work with CAD data. The intuitive workflow of X-PAD and its availability as both Android and Windows version allows a quick familiarisation and maximum flexibility. This solution not only is an economical offer with no software maintenance cost but also the easiest way to start digitalising your site and bring efficiency to the next level.

Technical Specifications

• 1”, 2”, 3”, 5” Angular Accuracy

• 1000m and 500m reflectorless accXXess technology

• Robotic (Zoom95) and Servo models (Zoom75)

• STReAM360

       o Scout – Fast Prism Search. For Zoom95 only

       o TRack – Advanced Prism Lock

       o AiM – Precise Prism Aiming

• USB and SD card support

• Long-range Bluetooth communication

• WinEC 7 operating systemV

• PIN/PUK functionality

• WideVGA Screen

• Supports 3rd party field software to run onboard o X-PAD  

      o MicroSurvey Field Genius

      o Carlson SurvCE Onboard

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