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Chlorine Genie Wins 'Best in Show' at PSP/Deck Expo

Article-Chlorine Genie Wins 'Best in Show' at PSP/Deck Expo

Ultimate Water Chlorine Genie won Best in Show at the 2021 PSP/Deck Expo
The Chlorine Genie produces chlorine poolside through a patented process that uses only salt, water, and electricity. 

The Chlorine Genie, Ultimate Water's flagship product, was voted "Best in Show" at the 2021 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo™, co-located with Deck Expo (PSP/Deck Expo).

The Chlorine Genie produces chlorine poolside through a patented process that uses only salt, water, and electricity. 

With the Chlorine Genie, there is no need to put salt in the pool to maintain proper chlorine levels.  

The built-in pH adjustment feature allows pool owners and operators to easily adjust the pH level reducing the use of muriatic acid and soda ash.  

"To say we were skeptical was an understatement," said Elysia Lewis, business manager for the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District. "We flat out believed it was too good to be true and almost didn’t give them an opportunity to prove us wrong. 

"After four months, the water in our swimming pool is the talk of the town, as the health, safety, environmental, and financial benefits are exactly as promised. The performance reviews are amazing. We have made our pool, equipment room, and campus environment significantly safer for our children, students, general public, and employees. All of our swimmers say the pool water has zero negative impact, and they can swim for hours without burning eyes, itchy skin, no skin rashes, and go home without skin or clothes smelling like chlorine!”

“Our vision is to eliminate the need to bring chlorine to the pool and instead produce everything the pool needs right in the equipment room. We are on a mission to have a Chlorine Genie on every pool to help owners save money, reduce or eliminate chemical usage, and make pool maintenance easy and simple, ” added Gabe Giordano, president and co-founder of Ultimate Water.

The Chlorine Genie is a stand-alone unit that uses a patented technology that combines an electrolytic cell, reverse osmosis, and a descaling system to automatically produce chlorine and balance a pool’s pH. The Chlorine Genie can be used in both residential and commercial pool settings and is easy and inexpensive to install and operate.

UltimateWater_New_Chlorine-Genie copy.jpg

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