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Best New Tools for Construction Pros

Article-Best New Tools for Construction Pros

Flex Flex Rapid Charger.jpeg
With 233 tools across 15 categories, these innovative winners represent the best available or coming to market soon.

The experts at Pro Tool Reviews selected some of the most innovative new tools—one from each category—introduced this year or that are coming to shelves in 2024. There is something for every contractor among the winners of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. 

Here are a few examples:

Flex 4-Port Simultaneous Rapid Charger
You’d think battery chargers would be a fairly boring category, but this year’s vote was tight thanks to several outstanding options. Flex came away with the win for their 4-Port Simultaneous Charger. Each of the four ports can charge at a rate of 280 watts, and can run at that pace simultaneously. That’s better than any 4-port charger we’ve seen so far, and keeping your power tools operating without interruption for charging is the number one concern our team has for its charging needs.

Craftsman V-Series Rolling Tool Cabinet
Craftsman is stepping up its storage game in a big way with the Pro-focused V-Series. It’s all about the build. I-Frame construction and heavier gauge steel set it apart from less expensive homeowner models. That gives it a much higher 3000-pound total capacity, and it has suspension-loaded casters to ensure it’s able to handle the load and still roll effectively. Best of all, these professional tool boxes are still well under the price you’ll pay from the tool truck guys while maintaining the quality Pros demand.

To see the rest of the 200-plus winning tools click here.

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