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Aquajet’s New Aqua Cutter 750V Optimizes Hydrodemolition

Article-Aquajet’s New Aqua Cutter 750V Optimizes Hydrodemolition

Aquajet Aquajet_Aquacutter750V_1-1536x1046.jpg
Introduced at World of Concrete 2022, the hydrodemolition robot features infinity oscillation for consistent surfaces and a new control system with greater automation.

During a press conference at World of Concrete 2022, Aquajet unveiled its innovative new hydrodemolition technology, the Aqua Cutter 750V. The company says the new machine tackles two of hydrodemolition’s biggest challenges: inconsistent surfaces and a lack of operator optimization.

The introduction of hydrodemolition in the ’80s and ’90s was important for the industry, said Keith Armishaw, business development manager for Aquajet, helping to improve the durability of repair. But the technology hadn’t undergone any major shifts since then. Armishaw said Aquajet’s latest innovation represents “real change.”

He said the company noticed with current hydrodemolition approaches were resulting in uneven surfaces, either due to the poor quality of the concrete being repaired or due to the machine, and an overreliance on manual operation. “So we had two challenges here: one was to try to even that surface out and make it smoother or more even more consistent,” Armishaw explained. “And also to optimize that by helping the operator see what to do.”

Engineers at Aquajet developed a patented Infinity oscillation system, which moves water in an infinity (figure eight) pattern to remove concrete in a single pass while reducing shadowing to eliminate the risk of pipe holes and creating an ideal bonding surface.

To address operators, the machine’s Evolution 3.0 Control System features a host of functions and automations to increase precision and efficiency. The latest evolution of this system includes an oscillation menu that automatically calculates optimal settings to maximize production and help avoid miscalculations that can result from manual adjustments.

The system’s new hoist adjustment automatically stops at the right height and offers remote stop/start to reduce inefficiencies. And an automatic, speed-controlled throttle adapts RPMs to the load, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

“No one wants to hold a giant hammer anymore,” Armishaw said. “But give someone a radio remote like that, and the machine that has replaced 20 guys,” and that grabs their attention.

Aquajet says the new technology also emits a constant, low noise that is less disruptive in urban environments.

Additional features include:

  • Spring-tensioned rotors on the infinity power head
  • Absolute sensors that automatically adjust with the touch of a button
  • A larger roller width and triangulated base frame for improved stability and more precision
  • Visual status light for easy identification when the machine needs attention
  • Precision drive for highly accurate hydraulic movements to eliminate inconsisistencies. “In automatic mode, the robot’s lance is highly controlled and always keeps the water jet in the ideal position, which is key to achieving a perfect Hydrodemolition result,” the manufacturer says.
  • Smooth motion to increase service life
  • Compatibility with Aquajet accessories and the Ecosilence high-pressure pup
  • EcoClear, a fully automated system that allows users to treat water on site for release or recirculation

To learn more about the Aqua Cutter 750V and see videos of the machine in action, visit

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