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ACPA Congratulates Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service Award Winners

Article-ACPA Congratulates Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service Award Winners

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The American Concrete Pavement Association honored Rick Sniegowsk, K-Five Construction Corporation; Todd Hanson, Iowa Concrete Pavement Association; Alan Meadors, Oklahoma/Arkansas ACPA; and John Leckie, Indiana Chapter ACPA.

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award, the 2021 Marlin J Knutson Award for Technical Achievement, and the 2021 Outstanding Promoter Award. These three awards, alongside the Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards, were unveiled last month at ACPA's 58th Annual Meeting in Huntington Beach, California.

The Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award is the most coveted award presented by the American Concrete Pavement Association. The award recognizes individuals for unparalleled commitment, dedication, participation, and leadership in the concrete pavement community.

The 2021 Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award winner is Rick Sniegowski of K-Five Construction Corporation. Having spent nearly half a century in the concrete pavement industry, he has made immeasurable contributions to ACPA and our industry. Sniegowski has led ACPA in numerous capacities, serving as the Chairman of the ACPA Board of Directors, the Illinois Chapter Chairman, and on Technical Committees, Task Forces, and Co-Ops. Sniegowski's continued commitment to ACPA in the years following his service as Chairman of the Board of Directors is remarkable. While retired from executive responsibilities with K-Five, he continues to provide unparalleled leadership in the concrete paving community. Sniegowski has stood out as a great representative of his company and our industry, and most importantly, a strong leader and friend to all.

The Marlin J Knutson Award for Technical Achievement is named in honor of the second chief executive of ACPA and recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing the development and implementation of technical innovations – as well as best practices – for the design and construction of concrete pavements.

This year's recipient is Todd Hanson of the Iowa Concrete Pavement Association. Hanson has been advancing the technical underpinnings of concrete pavement since the '90s and has played a role in many of the concrete pavement innovations in Iowa. Hanson's hands-on materials research has developed into specifications for Iowa DOT, which have advanced the state's pavement technology. Having literally written the history of concrete paving in Iowa, Hanson is a trusted resource among officials and businesspeople alike, forging strong relationships between DOT and the concrete pavement industry. He has worked tirelessly to advance the art and science of concrete pavement through applied research and field development of new ideas.

The Outstanding Promoter Award is given annually to someone who has made significant contributions through promotion efforts or programs to advance the awareness, specification, and/or placement of concrete pavements. This recognition is reserved for those who have been on the front lines making a difference for our industry. This year, ACPA recognizes two individuals for the award due to their impactful yet unique approaches to promoting concrete pavement.

Alan Meadors, of the Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter of ACPA, and John Leckie, of the Indiana Chapter of ACPA, were selected as the winners of the 2021 Outstanding Promoter Award.

Meadors has had a long and laudable career in Arkansas, serving in the Arkansas DOT and now a valued member of the Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter of ACPA. His accomplishments in helping secure concrete as the pavement choice for major projects in the region are numerous, but his impact has gone far beyond individual instances. Meadors is well known in the industry for his exemplary ability to bring new friends into the ACPA fold. As the person who nominated him put it, "He reaches across generations engaging with engineering students, mid-level consultants, and senior leaders in the DOT. He is the epitome of a chapter leader who puts others first and always thinks of how he can benefit the concrete pavement community and ACPA."

Leckie has spent most of his career in the paving industry and has continuously used his skills to promote concrete paving by stimulating renewed interest in overlays at the DOT level and diligently improving quality assurance and quality control methods. As the person who nominated this outstanding promoter put it, "His thought leadership and his ability to break down difficult problems and projects is a true asset for ACPA and the Indiana chapter and affiliates. His honest approach makes him highly credible and a true asset to our industry."

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