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ACI To Develop Concrete Pool and Watershape Code

Article-ACI To Develop Concrete Pool and Watershape Code

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces the formation of a new committee whose mission is to develop and maintain code requirements for concrete pools, spas, and other recreational watershapes.

Under the leadership of chair Charles Hanskat, Executive Director of the American Shotcrete Association, the new committee will work in direct response to an expressed industry need for code requirements that specifically address crack control, watertightness, and continuous exposure to water with wetting and drying that are essential to long term durability and serviceability of pools.  Although there is an established code for concrete liquid-containing structures (ACI CODE-350), there has been much discussion that it is not geared towards pools and has too high a requirement for the pool industry.

“ACI’s Technical Activities Committee (TAC) created a new code committee, ACI 322, to develop codes covering pools, spas, and other recreational watershapes,” said Charles Hanskat, Chair, ACI Committee 322. “Existing industry codes cover a massive scope of all liquid-containing structures in water, wastewater and industrial process applications, and this new code requirement will directly address the structural design of concrete pools.”

ACI Committee 322, Concrete Pool and Watershape Code, will host its inaugural meeting Monday, October 18, 2021, from 11:30 am–3:00 pm EDT at the ACI Virtual Concrete Convention.

Those with design or construction expertise in pools or other watershapes and are interested in contributing as an active voting member of ACI Committee 322, Concrete Pool and Watershape Code, please visit the ACI Join a Committee webpage and fill out the member application.

Additional information is available at

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