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3 Benefits of Roof Restoration for Saving Time, Money and the Planet

Article-3 Benefits of Roof Restoration for Saving Time, Money and the Planet

GE Silicones Roof coating products from GE Silicones
When it comes to a damaged or leaking roof, restoration is an effective alternative solution to a total replacement. GE Silicones' Errol Bull shares some economic and practical perks of roof restoration for contractors and building owners balancing budgets with sustainability goals.

With costs of living on the rise and an uncertain economic outlook, there is a shift in the business landscape for roofing contractors. Global supply-chain challenges and a shortage of supplies have increased the cost of materials, so roofers and their clients are having to cut back on expenses and adapt to new ways of working.

Despite these challenges, there are key opportunities for roofing contractors who can sell the right services and offer cost-effective solutions to their clients. One such solution is suggesting roof restoration using silicone coatings in place of total roof replacement. This helps your clients with their budgeting and project plans while furthering your own business's economic and sustainability goals.

Here are three reasons to consider roof restoration with silicone coatings for future projects:

1. Restoration, when done correctly and with appropriate products, can more effectively cut costs than a full roof replacement

As budgets tighten and prices soar, roofing contractors must understand the impact these shifts have on customer spending. When building owners start tightening their belts, capital expenditure inevitably gets restricted. Whereas a full roof replacement may come out of capital expenditures, a roof restoration project may be taken out of the maintenance budget.

In purely financial terms, the cost to tear off an existing roof and replace it with a new TPO, PVC, Mod-Bit or metal roof, for example, can be as high as $1,500 per square foot. This can quickly add up to a very high figure, complicating budgets and prolonging decision-making processes at a business.  

Repairing a roof rather than replacing it can be significantly more affordable for customers. While it is tempting to start from scratch, some roof damage is repairable. If the restoration is performed correctly, it can extend the life of a roof and save a significant amount of money in the long term. Repairing roofs using the right silicone coatings has the potential to add years to a building’s lifespan and improve its overall energy efficiency.

2. Using a cool roof silicone coating can help increase a building's sustainability features and overall energy rating 

Despite current economic circumstances, building owners face significant pressure to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. Roof restoration using a cool roof silicone coating can be a step in the right direction when it comes to improving a building's sustainability credentials.

Using the right roof coating can improve insulation and assist in controlling internal temperatures. This reduces the need for air conditioning and improves the internal comfort of a building. In fact, studies have revealed that a cool roof can drastically reduce the energy used by air conditioning as well as the maximum temperature, depending on the climate.

Restoration can also help reduce the carbon footprint of a building, as overtime the reparation delays and reduces the amount of scrap roofing materials sent to the landfill. Choosing to repair rather than replace is a great opportunity for building owners seeking to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

3. Adding skilled restoration to your roofing company's services can help future-proof your business

The effects of the global pandemic and the subsequent global supply-chain issues are ongoing and impacting nearly all industries. With no clear end in sight and consequences that could last for several years, businesses must adapt and find new, sustainable solutions that are financially and practically feasible. Roofing contractors can not only be a huge help when it comes to exterior building maintenance, but they can use restoration projects as a way to bolster their portfolios in the face of uncertain times. 

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